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TRIBO TECHNICAL SERVICES SOUTH AFRICA are the official representatives for Sachsenröder GESADUR® Underrollers in South and Sub Saharan Africa.

GESADUR® is a unique product developed and manufactured exclusively by Sachsenroeder GMBH initially for use in the wire and rope making industry.

Its properties and method of manufacture results in its structure being light and of consistent integral structure offering high load carrying capacity and also, due to its low density, the ability to run at high operating speeds. The product is manufactured and cured by special process, unlike other products which are manufactured in a laminar process which may delaminate under load and speed.

It's unique properties are summarized below:

Forming / Processing Properties

  • very good processing properties: machining, drilling, milling and sawing

Work Compatibility to Warmth / Heat

  • high thermal stability even after treatment
  • high ignition point
  • good thermal insulator
  • dimensional stability in great heat
  • stable in any climate

Resistance to Water / Humidity

  • water and oil-repellent
  • dirt-repellent because of GESACLEAN

To call GESADUR® a natural polymer may seem contradictory at first glance. But if you analyse this high-yield material more closely it very soon becomes clear: GESADUR® consists of 60 % natural fibre. This means that the Sachsenröder product line is made on the basis of renewable raw material.

Typical Gesadur application in the wire making industry

Strong arguments for Gesadur

GESADUR® is at its strongest when it needs to show strength: GESADUR® can withstand tremendous forces! The reason for this strength is its three-dimensionally linked structure that forms during the curing process of the thermosetting plastic. With GESADUR® Sachsenröder provides a homogeneous, extremely compact material based on high-density thermosetting plastics, material that has proved itself in world-wide use.

Stability / Durability

  • low specific weight (1,4 g/cm³)
  • high pressure resistance (350 N/mm²)
  • Much lighter than steel, strength for strength
  • Electrical Properties

    • good dielectric properties
    • electricity insulation, electrical insulator
    • antistatic cleaning fluid if used with GESACLEAN


  • storable
  • no ageing
  • resistant to termites
  • resistant to tropical climates
  • becomes darker in UV light, no loss in quality
  • Underrollers made of Gesadur® WN

    Reduce running noise, increase rotation speed

    Underrollers made of moulded laminates or steel show a high degree of wear and tear. During a prolonged shutdown of a machine the rollers may break or become deformed. Loud running noise and vibrations develop - the machine works inefficiently!

    With GESADUR® WN a memory effect starts working: When machines start up again after a prolonged shutdown, the underrollers go back to their original shape. This means that rollers made of GESADUR® WN do not flatten! GESADUR® WN allows you to increase the rotation speed of your machine and at the same time it reduces running noise.

    Available in the following forms:

    • Rough-turned with a machining allowance on all sides, i.e. with a 2 mm tolerance on the outside diameter, internal diameter and width
    • Finished, with machining allowance on the outside diameter
    • Completely finished, with steel bush and/or steel shaft, outside diameter turned with a diamond, maximum concentricity precision 0.01 mm
    • Cut in the case of blanks, with or without machining allowance.

    Please note that we press GESADUR® WN only in cylinder shape.

    Maintenance and cleaning

    Dusty working environments can lead to dirt particles becoming attached to the roller surfaces. This causes intermittent stress and overloading on the rollers, which may ultimately cause them to overheat. We recommend our roller cleaning device and roller cleaning agent GESACLEAN to keep rollers clean.


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